实用神学文学硕士(MAPT) offers a personalized interdisciplinary learning experience which prepares students for effective leadership and scholarship in both ministry and non-ministry contexts.


实用神学文学硕士(MAPT) offers a personalized interdisciplinary learning experience which prepares students for effective leadership and scholarship in both ministry and non-ministry contexts. The concentration draws its courses from the other concentrations offered in the MA program, allowing the student to tailor their degree to fit their professional needs and goals.

The increasingly complex world of the 21st-century requires well-rounded ministers and leaders with a wide range of skill-sets and expertise. Students in the Master of Arts in 实际的神学 will shape a plan of study that matches their unique circumstances, 给他们必要的专业知识来影响个人, 家庭, 教会和社区为上帝的荣耀.


  • Complete program in only 2 years (4 semesters), a total of 42 credit hours!
  • 100% online – so students can further their education wherever they go!*
  • Affordably priced – with 研究生 Leadership Scholarships available!
  • 经高等教育委员会认可.org)是美国认可的地区性认证机构.S. Department of Education, and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

*If students choose classes from the 精神的形成 Concentration, these are a hybrid model requiring students to participate in weekly video conferences and a trip to campus once each semester.



The student will craft a personalized plan of study and articulate a rationale which aligns the courses chosen with their personal and professional goals. Each concentration offers four classes that students can choose from to fill the electives requirement. 学生可选择以下课程:


  • MATL512:变革型领导理论介绍(3)
  • MATL522: Theological Perspectives on 变革型领导 (3)
  • MATL532: Forging a Leadership Foundation: The Heart of a Leader (3)
  • MATL542: 变革型领导 and Organizational Health (3)


  • MAPM512:牧师的个人生活(3)
  • MAPM522:讲道与敬拜(3)
  • MAPM532:教牧关怀与辅导(3)
  • MAPM542:教会领导与管理(3)


  • MASF512:圣经视角下的属灵培育(3)
  • MASF522: 精神的形成 and the Transformational Journey (3)
  • MASF532:基督教经典:古代智慧为现代工作(3)
  • MASF542: Soul Shepherding: The Role of the Christian Leader in the Development of Others’ Souls (3)


  • MAQS512:贵格会历史(3)
  • MAQS522:贵格会信仰(3)
  • MAQS532:贵格经典(3)
  • MAQS542:贵格会(3)


  • MAFM512: Ministry of Self (3)
  • MAFM522:婚姻部(3)
  • MAFM532:家庭部(3)
  • MAFM542:社区部(3)


  • 圣母512:教会倍增(3)
  • mam522:地方视角下的跨文化事工(3)
  • mam532:全球视野中的跨文化事工(3)
  • MAMM542:贵格会传教(3)


  • MASO512:体育事工基础(3)
  • MASO522:体育部的方法与模式(3)
  • MASO532:运动环境中的精神形成(3)
  • MAS0542:体育部领导与管理(3)


  • MABT512:口语,手语和特殊需要翻译(3)
  • MABT522: The History of 圣经的翻译 and 宗教改革 (3)
  • MABT532: MAST方法学(3)
  • MABT542:翻译工具与技术(3)


MAO501:方向(0) – This is a one-week course designed to introduce students to the graduate program at Barclay College, 包括:同学, 课程讲师, 在线门户和讨论论坛的机制, 以及研究生学习的学术严谨.


MABI511:旧约解释学(3) – God’s revelation through the Old Testament illuminates His timely message and timeless story for His people, while also providing the context and foundation for the New Testament. 在这个课堂上, students will investigate the richness of the Old Testament and its relevance for today, 包括其解释的原则和程序, 应用程序, 和博览会.

MABI521:新约解释学(3) -基督和他的教会的故事, foreshadowed in the Old Testament and revealed in the New Testament, 为基督教的信仰和实践提供了框架. This class in biblical interpretation and exegesis focuses on the life and teachings of Christ, 信徒的经历, 以及福音书中所记载的教会永恒的希望, 书信, 以及启示录文学.

MATH531:基督教神学(3) – This class investigates the essential teachings of the evangelical Christian faith, 特别注意基督的位格和工作, 罪与救恩, 圣灵的角色, 教会的生活, 当代神学问题. Students will become better equipped to apply and articulate theological convictions in ministry settings.

MATH541:基督教历史(3) -本课程涉及重大事件, 问题, 个性, and movements that shape and define the story of the Christian Church. 比如早期教会的诞生和发展, 迫害的威胁, 修道的兴起, 尼西亚和迦克墩会议, 宗教改革, 大觉醒, 普世的努力, and the globalization of the gospel provide a deeper understanding of the Church and a relevant perspective for ministry today.

mam513:传教教会(3) – We may not all be called to serve Christ as missionaries in a foreign land, but we are all called to be “on mission with God” wherever He may lead us. 在本课程中, students are challenged to examine their purpose and calling in life, 最大限度地提高他们建造桥梁的能力, and bear faithful witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ both at home and around the world.


MARA523研究方法(3) – This course is an introduction to the research methods that are applicable in a variety of academic and organizational settings, including both quantitative and qualitative strategies that are commonly used in a graduate Capstone project.

MARA533:应用研究I:实地经验(3) -在本研究和应用课程中, students will identify and begin to investigate a potential Capstone project that relates to their chosen concentration of graduate studies. 通过实践检验, each student will focus on their field of study using a variety of potential methods, 其中一些可能包括:现场经验, 文献综述, 以及其他形式的数据收集.

MARA543: Applied Research II: Church Health and Growth (Capstone Project) (3) – This course involves the completion of a written Capstone project that serves as the culmination of a student’s research and their graduate school experience. Students will integrate their research findings with their chosen area of concentration, 应用于生活, 服务, 今天的领导力. 除了, 每个学生将展示他们获得的奖学金, 批判性思维, 创造力, 以及书面沟通能力.



David Marine Mabry serves as the Director of the MA in 实际的神学 and as the Dean for the School of 研究生 Studies. 在来巴克莱学院之前, he had been involved with pastoral and para-church leadership since 1990. 他担任过青年牧师, 运动及康乐牧师, 高级牧师, 也是基督教运动员团契的地区主任. He is the founder and executive director of One Another Relationships, 这家公司旨在帮助人们结婚, 家庭, and organizations build better relationships for greater impact through coaching, 咨询, 以及内容创作. 他和妻子特蕾莎住在俄亥俄州的哥伦布市.